Bob Evans Lunch Menu Specials: Savor Every Bite!

Bob Evans offers a diverse lunch menu featuring comfort food favorites. The selection includes sandwiches, soups, salads, and hearty entrees.

As you contemplate your midday meal options, look no further than the comforting embrace of Bob Evans’ lunch menu. This beloved chain has perfected the art of serving up homestyle meals that cater to a variety of tastes, ensuring no one walks away hungry.

Beyond the classics, their menu often incorporates seasonal specials and new dishes that keep the offerings fresh and exciting. The atmosphere at Bob Evans is warm and inviting, making it an ideal spot for a casual business lunch or a meal with loved ones. Whether you’re in the mood for a light lunch or a substantial plate of farm-fresh goodness, Bob Evans promises satisfaction with its tasty and affordable options.

Savoring The Bob Evans Experience

Bob Evans stands as a beacon of homestyle dining. It’s been serving hearty American meals for generations. Guests love the comforting flavors that remind them of home.

The restaurant’s interior design beckons with its cozy and welcoming charm. Soft lighting and warm decor create the perfect setting for a family lunch. Every visit feels like sitting down at grandma’s kitchen table.

Bob Evans Lunch Menu Specials: Savor Every Bite!

The Heart Of The Menu: Signature Specials

Bob Evans Lunch Menu shines with Comfort Classics.

Homestyle favorites satisfy any appetite.

Guests savor meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

  • Farm-fresh ingredients ensure a delicious experience.
  • Seasonal Sensations feature the best of the harvest.

Hearty soups change with the seasons, warming hearts and bellies.

Succulent turkey with stuffing evokes holiday cheer.

Delicious And Nutritious: Balanced Options

Bob Evans Lunch Menu shines with light and satisfying choices. Health enthusiasts can relish in options that please the palate and the waistline. Try the Garden Harvest Salad, a beautiful mix of fresh greens, vegetables, and a choice of protein. It’s both colorful and delicious.

For those with specific dietary needs, a variety of dishes await. Gluten-free wraps, vegetarian burgers, and low-carb plates are tailored to fit your lifestyle. Savor the Grilled Chicken or the Turkey and Avocado Wrap – perfect for a midday fuel-up without the guilt.

Select from smart sides like steamed broccoli or a house salad to round out your meal. Each dish combines flavor with nutrition, for a satisfying lunch experience. Kids and adults alike can find a favorite on this diverse and thoughtful menu.

Lunch Combos: Best Of Both Worlds

The Bob Evans Lunch Menu boasts mouth-watering combos. Diners can enjoy the best of both with hearty soups paired with delectable sandwiches. Create the perfect lunch by choosing from a variety of combinations.

Soup Options Sandwich Choices
Hearty Beef Chili Grilled Cheese
Classic Chicken Noodle Turkey Bacon Club
Broccoli Cheddar Ham and Cheese Melt

Select any soup and pair it with your favorite sandwich. Kids and adults both love these flavors. It’s a quick, satisfying meal and gives you the best of both worlds at lunchtime. Mix your favorites for a comforting meal that feels homemade.

Local Love: Farm To Table

Bob Evans Lunch Menu delights with local farm-fresh ingredients. Dedicated to maintaining strong connections with nearby growers, the menu shines with Seasonal Fresh Picks.

Menu selections evolve with the seasons, ensuring customers enjoy the peak of flavor. Dishes are crafted to highlight the bounty of local agriculture.

Season Fresh Picks
Spring Strawberries, Asparagus
Summer Corn, Tomatoes, Peaches
Fall Pumpkins, Apples
Winter Root Vegetables, Squash

Embracing local producers means supporting the community and ensuring meals are not just delicious, but also sustainably sourced.

Bob Evans Lunch Menu Specials: Savor Every Bite!

Ending On A Sweet Note: Desserts And Beverages

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Bob Evans’ dessert offerings. Try our creamy cheesecake, or indulge in a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie. Don’t miss the classic apple pie, a true American delight!

Quench your thirst with our refreshment options. Choose from iced cold lemonade, rich chocolate milk, or a steamy cup of coffee. Our fruit smoothies are both delicious and refreshing. They are a perfect end to your meal!

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Bob Evans Lunch Menu Specials: Savor Every Bite!

Frequently Asked Questions On Bob Evans Lunch Menu

What Is A Dinner Bell Plate?

A dinner bell plate is a decorative plate featuring a dinner bell design, often used as a charming table centerpiece or as wall decor in kitchens and dining areas.

What Is Bob Evans Famous For?

Bob Evans is renowned for its country-style restaurants and signature sausage products. The brand offers home-style meals and a line of retail food products.

How Many Calories Are In A Bob Evans Turkey And Dressing Meal?

The Bob Evans Turkey and Dressing meal contains approximately 713 calories.

Does Bob Evans Have Scrambled Eggs?

Yes, Bob Evans serves scrambled eggs as part of their breakfast menu options. They offer classic scrambled eggs and customizable omelets.


Exploring the Bob Evans lunch menu offers a comforting culinary journey. With savory classics and hearty options, there’s a dish to satisfy any craving. Remember to sample seasonal specials for a fresh twist on your next visit. Delight in the flavors that make Bob Evans a beloved dining destination.


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