Can You Drink Water When Fasting Spiritually? Factors To Consider

Fasting is a crucial part of spiritual growth and helps one get closer to God. It is also a way to show empathy to the less fortunate by abstaining from feeding. However, the foods to abstain from vary, hence the question of whether one can drink water when fasting.

So, can you drink water when fasting spiritually? Whether you can drink water or not varies on various things, including religious belief, purpose, and length of the fast. For instance, in Islam, you cannot drink or eat during fasting during Ramadan. Hinduism and Christianity, on the other hand, sometimes allow water. However, request advice from your religious leader.

The article discusses the topic of drinking water when fasting spiritually. Read on to learn more.

Can You Drink Water When Fasting Spiritually?

Fasting is a practice found in almost any spiritual belief, with the main aim of seeking spiritual growth and exercising self-discipline. During this time, believers taking part in fasting pray and seek forgiveness from God.

However, fasting varies with each spiritual belief, varying mainly on the various things the believers abstain from. Some religions abstain from food and water, while others include other activities, like smoking and coitus. The time also varies, with some religions fasting for several hours a day and for some time.

However, from a neutral point of view, water is usually okay during spiritual fasting. It helps prevent believers from becoming severely dehydrated during the fasting season, as they abstain from eating solid foods. However, various factors determine whether you can drink water when fasting spiritually.

They include; 

1. Religious & Spiritual Belief

Religious and spiritual beliefs are among the determining factors on whether you can drink water when fasting spiritually. Some religions don’t allow you to eat or drink water at all.

Muslims, during the holy month of Ramadan, are not allowed to take anything during daylight hours. Therefore, during the day, they are not allowed to drink water or eat food until Iftar.

On the other hand, some spiritual beliefs, like Christianity, allow people to take water during a fast and stay hydrated. These religions believe the body is the temple of God and should remain healthy even during the hydration period.Religious & Spiritual Belief of fasting

2. Purpose of the Fast

Another factor that can determine whether one can drink water when fasting is the purpose of the fast. Some fasting requires believers to abstain from consuming any foods, including liquids.

In these types of fast, like those during Ramadan, as a believer, you must abstain from any type of food, including water, during the day. However, before fasting, during the pre-dawn meal, suhoor, and sunset, Iftar, Muslims are encouraged to hydrate.

3. Length and Intensity of Fast

The length and Intensity of the fasting can also determine whether you can take water or not. For long and intense fast, it’s best to take water during the time to stay hydrated. 

However, this is usually allowed in some religions, like Christianity. But in Islam, whatever the length of the fasting time, you can’t take anything, including water or solid food. 

In most religions, water does not affect the outcome of the fast and is usually considered pure. However, since this might collide with the purpose of the fast, it’s advised to take advice from your religious leader. Length and Intensity of Fast

4. Health Consideration

Your personal health is another factor that can help determine whether to take water during fasting. A person requires a lot of water in their body when unwell to help the recovery of their health. Usually, health experts suggest you take up to eight cups a day to regain your health.

Most religions discourage fasting when you have health issues. For instance, the Quran allows some people not to fast when ill, including people with terminal illnesses and old people who are frail and ill. Also, when people get chronically ill during fasting, they are allowed to break fasting.

Personal Choice

Some people plan their spiritual fasting, meaning they decide the fasting rules, including what to take and what not to. In the case of dry fasting, the person doesn’t eat or drink anything during the fasting period.

On other occasions, you can decide to include only liquids during the time. In this scenario, you can drink water and not defeat the purpose of the fast. However, this is not related to a religious belief, but it’s purely a personal choice.

How Can You Stay Hydrated During Spiritual Fasting?

As mentioned above, in some religions, it might not be possible to drink water during fasting. Also, it is known that hydration is crucial for humans to remain healthy. These two scenarios beg the question, how can you stay hydrated during the fasting time

The following are the various possible ways;

i. Drink Plenty Before Starting

One way to remain hydrated during the fasting periods is by drinking plenty of water before starting the session. For instance, Muslims can take enough water during the suhoor to nourish their bodies with this much-needed nutrient during the day. It’s usually best to take 500 ml of water in the mornings.

However, much of the water should be drunk throughout the night. Aiming to drink only in the morning may not keep your body p hydrated during the day.

Can You Drink Water When Fasting Spiritually Factors To Consider

ii. Avoid Sugary Drinks

Another way to keep hydrated during this time is to avoid sugary drinks with caffeine during the fasting period. These drinks have a diuretic side effect on you, increasing the production of urine, which can cause you to lose water fast.

Things to avoid taking include;

  • Juice
  • Tea
  • Coffee

iii. Drink Electrolyte-Rich Water

Also, drinking electrolyte-rich beverages can help you keep hydrated during fasting. Electrolytes help balance the level of fluids inside and outside of the body. Occasionally, take these beverages, like coconut water or sports drinks, to help replenish electrolytes lost when fasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still unsure whether you can drink water during fasting, the following are related questions to help more.

Q1. What Can You Drink During a Spiritual Fasting?

The drinks you are allowed to take during spiritual fasting vary with religion and the type of fast. However, while water is okay to drink, when dry fasting, you cannot take anything.

Q2. What Happens When You Drink Water During a Spiritual Fasting?

The repercussion of drinking water during fasting depends on the type of fast and the purpose of the fasting. However, drinking water is not supposed to invalidate the fast. Also, this defeats the spiritual purpose of the fast.

Q3. How Long Can You Spiritually Fast While Drinking Only Water?

During spiritual fasting, one can take from a day to three days to fast, especially during the short ones. However, the exact length of the fast can vary with religious practices, personal circumstances, and individual beliefs. However, avoid fasting for long if unwell.

Wrapping Up!

Your religious leader or the guidance from the holy book should help you determine whether you can drink water when fasting spiritually. Most of the time, fasting allows the intake of liquids, and water may be allowed, except for Islam.

However, to keep hydrated on occasion when you’re running for a while without intake, take in a lot of water. Also, avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks, which can negatively affect your health.

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