Del Taco Menu Breakfast Hours: Morning Fiesta Starts Early!

Del Taco breakfast hours typically start at 11 PM and end at 11 AM. These times may vary by location.

Delving into the world of fast-food morning options, Del Taco emerges as a unique player with its overnight availability, catering to both late-night whims and early bird needs. As patrons seek a satisfying start to their day, Del Taco presents a blend of traditional and Mexican-inspired breakfast items.

Accessibility during these extended hours ensures that whether you’re wrapping up a late night or kicking off an early morning, Del Taco has your cravings covered. The brand’s breakfast lineup is as diverse as its clientele, ensuring that its doors are open for a wide array of schedules, making it a go-to destination for morning fuel.

Del Taco Menu Breakfast Hours: Morning Fiesta Starts Early!

Early Bird Gets The Taco

Del Taco fans rejoice for early morning feasts! With doors opening early, they cater to the early risers. Tasty breakfast options are now within reach, right after daybreak.

Breakfast burritos, tacos, and hashbrown sticks – Del Taco offers a variety of choices to start your day. These morning delights are served hot and fresh, designed to satisfy those morning cravings.

Those on the move can grab a quick bite as Del Taco’s breakfast hours ensure everyone gets a slice of the morning action. The drive-thru is always ready to serve up your breakfast favorites.

Del Taco Menu Breakfast Hours: Morning Fiesta Starts Early!

Morning Menu Must-tries

Del Taco’s morning menu beams with savory selections to kickstart your day. Epic scrambles and wraps offer flavors that delight. Try the bacon & egg breakfast taco for a quick, tasty bite. The full breakfast burrito juggles eggs, cheese, and sausage with skill. Prefer a lighter option? The egg and cheese breakfast roller is the perfect pick.

  • Fresh-brewed coffee pairs well with any breakfast choice.
  • Orange juice brings a zest of freshness to your meal.

Del Taco ensures a hearty morning meal whether you’re on-the-go or savoring the start of your day.

Timing Your Taco Run

Del Taco’s breakfast menu isn’t available all day. Plan your visit to enjoy their tasty breakfast treats. Breakfast at Del Taco starts early, with their doors opening at 5 AM across most locations. For night owls and early risers, this means a chance to grab a breakfast burrito with the first light of dawn.

The breakfast menu wraps up at 11 AM, making the late morning the cutoff for your egg and cheese taco cravings. Don’t miss out; knowing these hours ensures you arrive in time for your breakfast favorites.

Del Taco Menu Breakfast Hours: Morning Fiesta Starts Early!

Perfect Pairings

A steaming cup of coffee pairs perfectly with Del Taco’s breakfast combos. Wake up your taste buds with crispy bacon & egg tucked in a warm tortilla. Or choose the bold flavor of chorizo wrapped with fluffy eggs. Each sip of your caffeinated beverage complements these zesty beginnings.

  • Cheesy Potato Burrito – a hearty, cheesy delight.
  • Hashbrown Sticks – golden and crispy outsides with soft insides.
  • Mini Pancake Stacks – sweet, fluffy, perfect for dipping.

Breakfast On A Budget

Del Taco’s breakfast offerings are both mouth-watering and wallet-friendly. Guests eagerly anticipate the Value Menu Delights for their early morning cravings. These delights include a variety of tacos, burritos, and breakfast rollers that are perfect for any budget.

Seasonal Specials offer a dynamic twist to the breakfast lineup. These include limited-time items that add excitement to your meal. Frequent menu updates ensure that Del Taco’s breakfast remains a fresh and appealing option.

Beyond The Menu

Early risers and breakfast lovers, rejoice!Del Taco’s breakfast options can be personalized to suit your tastes. Swap regular eggs for egg whites for a leaner meal. Spice up your morning with extra jalapeños. Or, combine ingredients from different menu items to create a unique dish. Remember, salsa and sauce packets are your friends for added flavor without extra cost. Use these tips to start your day in the most delicious way!

Frequently Asked Questions On Del Taco Menu Breakfast Hours

What Time Does Del Taco Breakfast Start?

Del Taco typically starts serving breakfast at 11 PM. Serving times may vary slightly by location.

Is Del Taco Breakfast Available All Day?

No, Del Taco breakfast is not available all day. Breakfast hours typically end at 11 AM.

What Are Del Taco’s Most Popular Breakfast Items?

Del Taco’s most popular breakfast items include the Breakfast Burritos and the Epic Scrambler Burritos. Both are customer favorites.

Can I Order Del Taco Breakfast Online?

Yes, you can order Del Taco breakfast online. Utilize their official app or website for convenience.


Savoring Del Taco’s breakfast offerings fits perfectly into your early hours. Embrace the sunrise with their delicious options; your taste buds will thank you. Remember, breakfast closes at 11 AM, so set your alarm. Start your day right—let Del Taco fuel your morning hustle.


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