Does Arby’s Still Have Happy Hour? Unveil the Deals!

Arby’s no longer advertises a widespread Happy Hour program. Availability now varies by location and is not guaranteed chain-wide.

Arby’s, a fast-food restaurant chain known for its roast beef sandwiches and curly fries, has shifted its promotional focus over the years. While once offering Happy Hour deals, currently, there is no national Arby’s Happy Hour across all its locations.

Customers looking for discounts can instead look to Arby’s specials and limited-time offers that the chain frequently advertises. These promotions often include deals on their classic menu items and sometimes introduce new, tantalizing options. For the most accurate information on local deals, it is recommended to contact the nearest Arby’s restaurant directly or to check out their website for the latest offers. By adapting to changing market trends and consumer preferences, Arby’s continues to remain a competitive player in the fast-food industry.

Satisfying Cravings On A Budget

Arby’s Happy Hour often sparks excitement among fast-food lovers. Is it still ongoing? Yes, Arby’s offers special deals during their Happy Hour. This is your chance to enjoy favorites at reduced prices.

Guests can snag savory snacks and drinks without breaking the bank. The discounted menu items vary, presenting an affordable way to satisfy your hunger. Join in from 2 PM to 5 PM to catch these deals. Remember, participation may differ by location.

Time Your Visit

Arby’s Happy Hour is special! Visit from 2 PM to 5 PM every day. Enjoy slushies and snacks for just one dollar. Remember, this deal runs every day of the week. Eating tasty food for less is easy. But, Happy Hour times can change. Always check your local Arby’s first. Grab a bite and save money!

Snack Without Splurge

Arby’s Happy Hour still delights with budget-friendly snacks. Guests can savor a selection of tasty treats at reduced prices. Options vary at different locations, but may include sliders, fries, and shakes. It’s important to remember that availability can change. So, it is smart to check with your local Arby’s before visiting. Typically, Happy Hour happens in the late afternoon or early evening. Yet, hours and snack sizes may vary based on the restaurant. Not all menu items are included, therefore the menu has specific choices for Happy Hour.

Does Arby's Still Have Happy Hour? Unveil the Deals!


Tips To Maximize Happy Hour

To make the most of Arby’s Happy Hour, stay informed about their current deals and promotions. Keeping tabs on Arby’s official website or social media could help you catch special offers. Consider signing up for Arby’s Deals, where you might find exclusive discounts that can be combined with Happy Hour prices.

Use Arby’s app for potential app-only deals that could add to your savings. Don’t forget to ask the staff about any unadvertised specials. They may reveal ways to save more money during Happy Hour.

Extended Happy Hour Treats

Arby’s Happy Hour isn’t just for a limited time. Guests enjoy special deals all year. Seasonal Surprises bring new, exciting flavors. Think of pumpkin shakes in fall or lemony treats for spring. The joy is in the changing menu.

Long-Term Deals Beyond Happy Hour make eating out affordable. The $1 sliders or 2 for $5 mix offer variety. Love crispy or healthy options? Both are there!

Does Arby's Still Have Happy Hour? Unveil the Deals!


Keeping Up With Changes

Arby’s happy hour deals are always changing. To catch the latest offers, it’s essential to stay updated. Check Arby’s website regularly or sign up for alerts. Happy Hour times can vary with location. Some stores may offer specials from 2 pm to 5 pm.

The Happy Hour menu might have adjustments. Expect different snacks and drinks on offer each week. It’s best to confirm with your local Arby’s for the current deals. Popular items often include sliders, cookies, and small shakes. But these items can change, so always ask first.

Does Arby's Still Have Happy Hour? Unveil the Deals!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Does Arbys Still Have Happy Hour

What Menu Items Did Arby’s Discontinue?

Arby’s has discontinued items such as the Loaded Potato Bites, Angus Three Cheese & Bacon, and the Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich. Keep in mind that Arby’s menu changes periodically, and regional availability may vary.

What Time Is Arby’s Happy Hour?

Arby’s happy hour typically runs from 2 PM to 5 PM daily. However, participation may vary by location, so it’s recommended to check with your local Arby’s restaurant for their specific happy hour times.

Does Arby’s Offer Special Deals During Happy Hour?

Yes, during happy hour, Arby’s usually offers discounts on select menu items such as sliders, small fries, shakes, and drinks. The deals are limited to this time window and are a great way to enjoy Arby’s favorites for less.

Can You Get Arby’s Happy Hour Deals Any Day Of The Week?

Arby’s happy hour deals are generally available every day, including weekends. But it’s important to verify with your local restaurant as some locations might have different schedules or offers.


Wrapping up, it’s clear that Arby’s Happy Hour offerings can vary by location. Researching and reaching out to your local restaurant is key. Great deals await those who stay updated, ensuring you can enjoy Arby’s favorites at delightful prices. Stay informed and savor the savings!

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