Happy Hour at Arby’s: Savor the Savings & Delights!

Arby’s does not officially offer a nationwide Happy Hour. Deals and specials may vary by location and time.

Arby’s, a fast-food restaurant known for its roast beef sandwiches, curly fries, and Jamocha shakes, often entices customers with various promotions and deals. Although a uniform Happy Hour is not advertised across all locations, some individual franchises may offer their own special discounts during certain hours of the day.

These deals can include discounts on menu items like sliders, small fries, and drinks, providing an affordable way for patrons to enjoy their favorites. To make the most of any potential savings, guests should check with their local Arby’s restaurant for any exclusive Happy Hour offers. With a commitment to quality and a diverse menu, Arby’s continues to be a popular choice for those seeking a quick and tasty meal.

Happy Hour at Arby's: Savor the Savings & Delights!

Happy Hour Specials At Arby’s

Arby’s Happy Hour offers great savings on your favorite items! Enjoy discounted prices during specific hours. These hours are key to getting the best deals. Check local Arby’s for exact times. Popular items include sliders, fries, and drinks at lower prices. Don’t miss out on these tempting offers!

Happy Hour at Arby's: Savor the Savings & Delights!

Menu Highlights

Arby’s Happy Hour entices with an array of classic snacks. Favorites include curly fries and mozzarella sticks, perfect for a mid-afternoon treat or an early evening appetizer. Each item on the menu is crafted to satisfy those cravings for something salty and delicious.

Complement your snacks with refreshing beverages. Choose from a selection of soft drinks, iced teas, and lemonades. These drinks are perfect for quenching your thirst. Make sure to try Arby’s signature jamocha shake, a delightful blend of coffee and chocolate flavors.

Snack Drink
Curly Fries Soft Drink
Mozzarella Sticks Iced Tea
Jalapeño Bites Lemonade
Chicken Tenders Jamocha Shake

Navigating Arby’s Happy Hour

Arby’s Happy Hour promises delicious eats at unbeatable prices. Guests seeking value can savor mouth-watering options without straining their wallets. The menu features a range of appetizers, sandwiches, and beverages, all at reduced costs. This limited-time event occurs daily, with specific hours varying by location.

Enthusiasts eager to maximize savings should aim to visit during these special hours. To ensure best experience, guests are encouraged to check local listings and restaurant-specific deals. This information is key to planning your visit. Don’t miss these exclusive discounts that make Arby’s offerings even more tempting.

Tips To Maximize Your Experience

Enjoying Happy Hour at Arby’s is best with friends. Group visits can amplify the fun. To make the most of these outings, consider combining coupons. Look for Arby’s deals online or in local publications before your visit. Sharing coupons among the group can lead to more savings for everyone. Ensure each person knows the coupon terms and conditions to avoid confusion at the counter. Remember, not all Arby’s locations may participate in certain promotions, so check ahead with your local restaurant. This strategy can turn a simple Happy Hour into a feast without breaking the bank.

Seasonal Promotions

Arby’s rolls out enticing seasonal promotions to delight your taste buds. During the summer months, guests can enjoy Summer Sips, a selection of refreshing beverages designed to beat the heat. Chill with our frozen fruit drinks or sip on iced teas infused with summer flavors.

Cold weather calls for warm comfort, and that’s where Winter Warmers come into play. Arby’s introduces a cozy lineup of hot drinks to warm you up. Enjoy spiced lattes, rich hot chocolate, and steamers that pair perfectly with our hearty meals.

Arby’s Ambiance

Arby’s offers a relaxing atmosphere perfect for unwinding. Guests enjoy comfortable seating and a friendly vibe, ideal for both casual meals and social gatherings. The interior design features warm colors and modern touches, creating a welcoming space for diners of all ages. With its easygoing environment, Arby’s stands out as a go-to spot for those seeking a pleasant dining experience during happy hour.

Arby’s effortlessly caters to groups looking to celebrate or simply catch up. The layout supports conversation and interaction, making it a prime choice for friends and family. The restaurant’s commitment to quality service ensures that each visit is enjoyable and memorable. It’s no wonder that Arby’s is a favored destination for those who appreciate good food in a laid-back setting.

Customer Favorites

Arby’s Happy Hour brings customer favorites to the spotlight. Guests rave about Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar sandwiches, often paired with Crispy Curly Fries. Don’t miss the signature Jamocha Shake, a blend of coffee and chocolate flavors.

Hidden Gems include the Loaded Italian Sandwich, bursting with meats and flavors. The Smokehouse Brisket is a savory treat, slow-cooked to perfection. For a lighter option, try the Market Fresh Sandwiches, fresh and full of taste.

Top Picks Hidden Gems
Beef ‘n Cheddar Loaded Italian
Curly Fries Smokehouse Brisket
Jamocha Shake Market Fresh Sandwiches
Happy Hour at Arby's: Savor the Savings & Delights!

Beyond Happy Hour

Arby’s regular menu features a variety of delicious options. Classic roast beef sandwiches and curly fries stand out. Guests love the Market Fresh sandwiches, filled with fresh ingredients. For meat lovers, the Smokehouse brisket is a savory choice.

Exciting new additions often join the Arby’s menu. Look for limited-time offers that include unique flavors. The fiery jalapeño roast beef slider adds a spicy kick. Sweet cravings are met with seasonal desserts like the apple crisp. Each visit brings a chance to try something different.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does Happy Hour Start At Arby’s?

Happy Hour at Arby’s typically starts at 2 PM and lasts until 5 PM. During this time, you can enjoy discounts on select menu items, including sliders and drinks.

Are There Special Deals During Arby’s Happy Hour?

Yes, Arby’s offers special deals during Happy Hour, such as $1 sliders and small fries, shakes, or drinks. These deals make it a popular time for savings on your favorite items.

Can I Get Any Item On The Menu During Happy Hour?

No, Happy Hour at Arby’s features a limited menu. It mainly includes sliders, small fries, and drinks. Check their official website or local Arby’s for specific offerings.

Does Every Arby’s Location Offer Happy Hour?

Most Arby’s locations participate in Happy Hour, but it’s best to confirm with your local restaurant. Some locations might have different timings or offers based on regional preferences.


Wrapping up, Arby’s Happy Hour offers unbeatable deals that delight your taste buds without denting your wallet. Whether it’s a quick snack or a group treat, their menu has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy your favorites at a fraction of the cost.

Head over to Arby’s and make your afternoons a little happier!


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