How Long Does Del Taco Serve Breakfast: Quick Guide!

Del Taco serves breakfast until 11:00 AM every day. Breakfast availability begins at 11:00 PM, catering to both night owls and early birds.

Del Taco offers a convenient and delicious start to the day for anyone craving their morning favorites. With a menu that includes items such as breakfast burritos and tacos, their extended serving hours ensure that both late-night snackers and traditional breakfast enthusiasts can enjoy their meals outside of the usual morning rush.

This flexible breakfast schedule is designed to accommodate the varied routines of Del Taco’s diverse customer base, making it a popular choice for those seeking a hearty breakfast at almost any hour. Whether you’re fueling up for the day ahead or winding down from a night out, Del Taco’s breakfast menu is available to satisfy your cravings.

Del Taco’s Breakfast Traditions

Del Taco is renowned for its savory breakfast menu. The company started serving mouth-watering morning meals decades ago. With time, these dishes gained immense popularity. Fans eagerly await the opening hours to indulge in classic breakfast options.

  • Breakfast Burrito: A warm tortilla filled with eggs, cheese, and your choice of bacon or sausage.
  • Epic Scrambler: A hearty scramble with all the fixings, including your choice of meat, wrapped up in a flour tortilla.
  • Breakfast Tacos: Soft tortillas stuffed with fluffy eggs and a medley of breakfast meats.
  • Hashbrown Sticks: Crispy, golden-brown hashbrowns perfect for dipping.

The Breakfast Timing

Del Taco serves breakfast from the early morning until midday. The precise times can change based on the location. Most Del Taco restaurants open at 7:00 AM. This timing is ideal for people needing an early meal. You can start your day with their tasty options.

The last chance to grab a breakfast burrito is before the clock strikes 11:00 AM. Do not miss this! After that, they switch to the regular menu. Plan ahead to get your morning fix! Del Taco’s breakfast satisfies many customers daily.

Variations Across Locations

The breakfast times at Del Taco may change based on location. The franchise owners decide these hours. Each Del Taco restaurant could have different hours. This is due to the needs of the local people.

For example, a Del Taco in a busy city might start serving breakfast early. This helps people going to work. A Del Taco in a small town might start later. This is because the town wakes up later.

Location Start Time End Time
City Area 6:00 AM 11:00 AM
Town Area 7:00 AM 11:00 AM

Always check with your local Del Taco to know their breakfast hours. This will make sure you don’t miss it. The Del Taco app or website can help find these times.

How Long Does Del Taco Serve Breakfast: Quick Guide!

Getting The Most Out Of Breakfast Hours

Early birds get the best Del Taco breakfast experience. Wake up early to enjoy the full menu. Plan to arrive as breakfast starts for freshest options. Download the Del Taco app for updates on specials.

Late risers need not worry, though. Most locations serve breakfast until 11 AM. Check local restaurant timings as they may vary slightly. Look for extended breakfast hours on weekends. Use online ordering to save time if you’re in a rush.

Alternatives And Specials

Del Taco’s breakfast menu features periodic seasonal offers, enticing customers with new flavors. These special promotions may include items like holiday-inspired burritos or autumn-spiced tacos. Guests should keep an eye on Del Taco’s announcements for these limited-time breakfast specials.

For those not in the mood for breakfast, Del Taco presents a variety of non-breakfast options throughout the day. This includes classic items like the beef or chicken tacos, famous fries, and signature burritos. With a diverse menu, all guests can find something to satisfy their cravings.

How Long Does Del Taco Serve Breakfast: Quick Guide!
How Long Does Del Taco Serve Breakfast: Quick Guide!

Frequently Asked Questions On How Long Does Del Taco Serve Breakfast

When Does Del Taco Stop Serving Breakfast?

Del Taco typically stops serving breakfast at 11 am. However, opening hours can vary by location. It’s best to check with your local Del Taco for the most accurate information.

Are Del Taco Breakfast Items Available All Day?

No, Del Taco breakfast items are not served all day. Breakfast service ends at 11 am, so be sure to visit in the morning to enjoy their breakfast offerings.

Can You Get Del Taco Breakfast For Takeout?

Yes, you can order Del Taco breakfast for takeout. Use their app, website, or drive-thru services to conveniently pick up your breakfast on the go.

Does Del Taco Offer A Breakfast Menu On Weekends?

Yes, Del Taco offers their breakfast menu on weekends too. Be sure to visit before 11 am to indulge in their breakfast options on Saturdays and Sundays.


Wrapping up, Del Taco’s breakfast hours cater to early birds and late risers alike, ensuring no one misses out. Remember, these tasty morning options are available every day until 11 AM. For those craving a breakfast burrito or a fresh cup of coffee, Del Taco has you covered.

Set your alarms, and start your day the delicious way!


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