Is Great Value Purified Drinking Water Good for You?

Great Value Purified Drinking Water is Walmart’s private-label bottled water brand. They’re best known for being affordable and providing safe hydration.  Walmart introduced Great Value in 1993.

So, is Great Value purified drinking water good for you? Yes, Great Value is generally considered good for you. By good, we mean that it’s safe, harmless, and has nothing that can cause major health issues. To date, it responds to the growing demand for on-the-go hydration options.

But does it add any extra nutrition or vitamins to your health? NO. It’s just a good purified water that can be a good addition to your diet. Read on to learn more about this brand.

Why Is Great Value Purified Drinking Water Good for You?

So, what makes Great Value Purified Drinking water bear a ‘great value’?  We’re discussing the reasons why it’s famous.

1. Purity and Quality

Okay, first things first – when you’re grabbing a bottle of water, you want it to be water. Great Value ‘values’ this. They keep the water top-notch and of course, as purified as possible. Well, at least they claim it.

The whole process includes reverse osmosis, distillation, and carbon filtration.  Fancy words, we know. But they reportedly go through all this process and thus, you get good quality water.

2. Great Packaging

Let’s talk about the bottle. They try to keep things user-friendly. At least, when you hold the bottle, you should experience convenience and sustainability. The bottles are easy to grip and come with flip-top caps.

Since it’s light in weight, you get to carry it conveniently almost anywhere. Not to mention, the ergonomic shape comfortably fits inside bags as well. It’s worth noting that the brand has also been making efforts to reduce plastic waste. They’re using eco-friendly packaging options as well.

3. Affordable

Great Value tries to keep their purified drinking water affordable. At least, it’s quite famous for striking a balance. So, families with tight budgets can always get their hands on this drinking water without stress.

The brand’s commitment to affordability has earned it a loyal customer base, especially among those who prioritize value for their money.

4. Taste Test Approved

Typically, purified drinking waters often have this weird aftertaste and strange smell. Great Value got rid of this issue, thankfully. You just sip it and you would hardly notice any lingering aftertaste or odor. It’s all just a clean and neutral flavor.

This clean taste makes it a perfect sidekick for all sorts of drinks. Coffee, tea, smoothies – you name it. Use it as a base for your morning coffee, mix it into your favorite recipes, or simply add some ice and lemon for an instant upgrade. It’s like having a secret weapon in your pantry.

5. Doing Good for Others

Great Value doesn’t just sell water. They also promote water-related awareness. They often share valuables about hydration, the benefits of drinking water, the science behind the purification process, etc.

6. Trust and Reputation

Great Value has built a reputation for consistency and reliability over the years. The brand’s continued commitment to meeting consumer expectations has contributed to its longevity and success in the market.

Why Is Great Value So Cheap?

There are others who think that the reason ‘might’ be the lack of quality ingredients behind their low price. No, this is not the case. Here are some good reasons.

Why Is Great Value So Cheap

i. Streamlined Operations

Great Valu makes sure that their business is streamlined efficiently. They focus on core products and minimize overhead costs like marketing and advertising. Plus, since Great Value is Walmart’s in-house brand, it relies on the store’s reputation and customer base. Here, too, the marketing costs are reduced.

ii. Simplified Packaging and Presentation

The fancier the packaging, the more expensive it gets. Great Value keeps its packages simple. This can help reduce packaging costs and allow the brand to focus more on the product.

iii. Direct Sourcing

Private-label brands often have direct relationships with manufacturers or suppliers. This cuts out intermediaries. Not to mention, it also reduces costs associated with distribution and handling. Great Value’s direct relationship with Walmart’s supply chain could contribute to cost savings.

iv. Minimal Branding Expenses

Great Value doesn’t invest heavily in building a separate brand identity. This means they don’t have to allocate significant resources to brand development, logos, or other expenses. Instead, they can focus on delivering a quality product at a lower cost.

v. Competition and Price Positioning

Affordability is a key aspect of Great Value’s brand identity. For this, they tap into a market segment that prioritizes cost-effectiveness. This strategy attracts consumers who are looking to save money without sacrificing quality.

Other Reasons for Choosing Great Value

Health-conscious people often wonder about the ingredients and insides of this purified drinking water. Well, here are more reasons for you to buy Great Value purified drinking water.

a. Vegans Can Drink This

Great Value Purified Drinking Water is ideal for vegans seeking refreshing hydration. You won’t find a single animal-derived component or by-product in it. The water is directly sourced from reliable springs and treated with precision.

Other Reasons for Choosing Great Value

b. The Water is Gluten-Free

Great Value Purified Drinking Water is your best bet if you want a gluten-free lifestyle. When it goes through a purification process, it eliminates traces of gluten and potential cross-contamination. Therefore, the water is ideal for people with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.

Are you on Keto? Grab Great Value

The purified drinking water has zero carbohydrates and sugar. As a result, it’s completely safe for people who are on keto. You won’t disrupt your ketosis, thanks to its pure and uncompromised nature.

Plus, hydration is essential for keto. As Great Value offers you a calorie-free lifestyle, you can pursue your keto journey with confidence.

  • Dairy-Free

Great Value Purified Drinking Water offers a refreshing and pure hydration choice that is entirely dairy-free. The purification process makes sure there is no dairy component in it.

  • Soy-Free

The water is 100% soy-free. You can wave off all your worries about soy-related issues as you sip it.

Wrapping Up!

Is Great Value Purified Drinking Water Good for You? Well, we don’t see any reason for it being bad for you. If you have read the article carefully, you should know this as well. But then again, it’s a purified water and it might have rumors surrounding it.

If you want, you can test this water in a lab and see for yourself. Great value is drinkable water and it’s refreshing for all types of people, such as people who are keto, vegans, and maintain gluten-free life, etc.

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