Is It Okay to Drink Seltzer Water Everyday?

Seltzer water is essentially carbonated water. You’re getting added carbon dioxide for fizziness and often natural flavors for taste. The best part is that there are no calories, added sugar, or even artificial sweeteners. This is why it’s a healthier alternative to sugary sodas

But is it okay to drink Seltzer water everyday? Yes, it’s generally safe to drink seltzer water every day. However, some concerns may arise if you have a sensitive stomach, as the carbonation could lead to bloating or discomfort for some individuals. Then again, this issue can be debated. Some people do feel the opposite when it comes to digestion.

We’re discussing all you need to know about seltzer water and why you should take it or not. Let’s get to it. 

What Makes Seltzer Different from Regular Water?

Yes. As discussed earlier, Seltzer water is a non-alcoholic carbonated drink without added sugar and artificial sweeteners. It’s, therefore, okay to drink every day. Then, what makes it different from regular drinking water?

Here are the factors that make Seltzer water different from regular water. 

1. Carbonation

Seltzer Water stands out due to its carbonated nature. The carbon dioxide gas in it is pressurized into the water. As a result, you can see the formation of bubbles and fizziness. But regular water is still and calm and doesn’t have fizziness.

2. Taste and Flavor

Unlike regular water, seltzer water often boasts a variety of natural flavors. Citrus, berry, mint, you name it. But regular water maintains a neutral and unadulterated taste profile.

Is It Okay To Drink Seltzer Water Everyday What Makes It Different from Regular Water

3. Texture and Mouthfeel

The carbonation in seltzer water has this unique texture and mouthfeel. The bubbles create a lively sensation on the palate. You’ll get a subtle acidic feel that can impact the overall sensation in your mouth.  And that’s not the case for regular water. 

4. Calories and Sweeteners

Both regular water and seltzer water have zero calories. And it’s pretty obvious that there is no added sugar or artificial sweetener. 

5. Hydration

Both seltzer water and regular water play a great role in keeping the body hydrated. However, there’s this debate about whether the carbonation in seltzer water surpasses regular water when it comes to hydration. Here, we recommend you go for your personal preference. 

6. Occasional Additives 

Seltzer water occasionally contains additives such as minerals. We’re talking about sodium bicarbonate, potassium sulfate, or the like. This can impact the taste and composition of the water. 

Regular water, on the other hand, may contain naturally occurring minerals. It depends on its source but is generally unaltered in composition.

Seltzer Water Vs Sparkling Water

When it comes to fizzy drinks, seltzer water and sparkling water have their own unique fizz. Seltzer water gets its bubbles from adding carbon dioxide. 

On the other hand, sparkling water comes from natural springs. This is why the fizz is a bit on the softer side.

Texture-wise, seltzer water has strong bubbles that feel zingy on your tongue. Sparkling water’s bubbles are smaller, making it feel smoother and gentle in your mouth.

Picking one depends on what you like. Seltzer water is your pick if you want bold fizz without extra flavors. But if you like a smoother fizz with a touch of minerals, go for sparkling water. Both give you a fizzy break from regular water, each with its own bubbly charm.

Seltzer Water Vs Sparkling Water

Pros and Cons of Seltzer Water

As we’ve mentioned earlier, seltzer water has both pros and cons! Let’s get to know about the benefits first and then the drawbacks. 

The Benefits

Here are some usual benefits you can get from drinking seltzer water. 

  • Tummy-Friendly Option

If your stomach is sensitive, you can switch to seltzer water with your eyes closed. Sometimes, heavily sweetened or sugary drinks can upset your stomach as well. In such cases, too, seltzer water is a great option. 

  • Cutting Back on Sugar

Opting for seltzer water over sugary drinks is a smart strategy for reducing sugar intake. By making this simple switch, you contribute to a healthier lifestyle. This will potentially lower your risk of health issues related to excessive sugar consumption.

On top of that, seltzer water has an excellent base for creating mocktails or mixed drinks. This is especially beneficial if you’re seeking a low-calorie option that retains the fizzy element without the extra alcohol or added sugars.

  • Dental Health Conscious

The carbonation in seltzer water can cause enamel erosion over time. However, the harm you’re getting in your teeth is pretty less compared to what you get from sugary sodas. 

Plus, even if you get teeth issues, that’s not happening anytime soon since there’s no added sugar.

The Benefits of Seltzer Water

  • Reducing Sodium Intake

Sodas come with a significant amount of sodium, which can cause health issues. By choosing seltzer water instead of soda, you actively reduce your sodium intake. As a result, you’re less likely to develop any health problems anytime soon.

  • Aiding Digestion

The carbonation in seltzer water can sometimes help with digestion by promoting burping. Peculiar, we know. But burping can alleviate bloating and discomfort after meals. It’s a natural way to support your digestive processes.

Disadvantages of  Seltzer Water

Let’s talk about some common disadvantages. 

  • Potential Bone Health Impact

When it comes to bone health, some concerns have been raised about carbonated beverages. This includes seltzer water as well, thanks to its acidity.  However, research on this topic is ongoing.

  • Limited Hydration

While seltzer water can contribute to hydration, its carbonation might lead to a feeling of fullness more quickly. This can reduce the amount you drink compared to still water.

Disadvantages of  Seltzer Water

  • Added Sodium

Usually, seltzer water doesn’t come with sodium. However, some brands of seltzer water might contain added sodium or other minerals. They do this for flavor enhancement. 

  • Taste Expectations

Natural flavors in seltzer water might not always match expectations. 

  • Environmental Impact

Like many packaged beverages, seltzer water contributes to plastic waste if not consumed from reusable containers.

Wrapping Up!

Is it okay to drink seltzer water every day? Well, you’ve got the answer. If you plan to go for daily intake, first, get some expert help. Secondly, we recommend you go for a good brand. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t go for the ones that have added sodium in them.

But remember, Seltzer has both pros and cons. From aiding digestion to Tummy-Friendly Options and limited hydration to environmental impact, Seltzer has a lot to say. Consider these facts before deciding whether to take Seltzer as your regular drinking beverage.

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