Is Kroger Purified Drinking Water Safe? Think Before You Drink

Kroger water bottles are seen almost everywhere in the United States. The reason behind its popularity is its excellent neutral taste. However, as adding chlorine in the purification process is common, many consumers aren’t sure if it is safe to drink Kroger water or not.

So, is Kroger purified drinking water safe? Yes, Kroger purified drinking water is safe because it uses a multi-level purification process. The purification process ensures the contaminant level in the water complies with federal guidelines. And the water is marketed in PET 1 bottles.

Let’s know more about the purification process, sources of water, bottle material, etc., to understand how safe Kroger purified drinking water is.

Is Kroger Purified Drinking Water Safe? Detailed Analysis

Drinking water is considered safe when it doesn’t have microorganisms, disinfectants, organic or inorganic chemicals, and radionuclides. All bottled water manufacturers must comply with EPA regulations to be able to market their products.

So, Kroger is also bound to follow the regulations, which indicates they limit the contaminant level to the safe zone. For example, there should be no cryptosporidium, giardia lamblia, legionella, or coliforms in drinking water. The level of disinfectants, such as chlorine or chloramines, should be under 4 mg/L.

Is Kroger Purified Drinking Water Safe Detailed Analysis

The EPA also has strict guidelines for TDS of total dissolved solids. Tests done by various labs show that the TDS content in Kroger purified drinking water is about 2 ppm. This is mostly lower than what is advised by the EPA. The pH level in Kroger drinking water is 5.38, which is also within the safe limit.

So, we can conclude that Kroger purified drinking water is safe for consumption. Still, we need to learn more about the sources and the purification process. Let’s move on.

Where Does Kroger Purified Water Come From?

There is no official announcement from Kroger about the sources of their purified drinking water. According to unofficial sources, Kroger collects water from municipal water supplies and natural sources. Then, they purify the water and bottle the water in their plants.

Where Does Kroger Purified Water Come From

According to a survey done by the Environmental Working Group, Kroger bottles don’t contain specific geographic sources on their labels. So, it is tough to confirm the exact source of the Kroger purified drinking water. But as the water goes through standard purification processes, it is safe to say that Kroger drinking water is safe.

How Is Kroger Drinking Water Purified?

After collecting water from different sources, Kroger treats the water in its processing plants. The water goes through the filtration process to eliminate contaminants.

Then, the water goes through the reverse osmosis process to remove any impurities from the water. Disinfectants are also added to kill any germs present in the water.

How Is Kroger Drinking Water Purified

The pH level is also optimized during the process to make the water more suitable for all ages of consumers. As the water goes through multiple purification processes, it is expected to have as low contaminants as possible. And as the contaminant level is within the safe limit, there won’t be any risk in drinking Kroger water.

Does Kroger Purified Drinking Water Have Chlorine?

Many consumers are anxious about the presence of chlorine in drinking water because treatment plants commonly use chlorine as a disinfectant. Though the chlorine is removed from the water, a trace of chlorine can still be present in the water.

Prolonged exposure to chlorine in drinking water can cause various diseases, including heart disease and bladder cancer. According to the EPA, the safe level of chlorine in drinking water is 4 mg/L or 4 parts per million.

Though it isn’t possible for consumers to test the presence of chlorine in water, it can be identified through the taste. If there is too much chlorine in drinking water, the water will have a bad smell and taste.

But we didn’t find any such smell or taste in the Kroger purified drinking water. So, we can conclude that Kroger water is safe even if it has a trace of chlorine.

Is the Kroger Purified Drinking Water Bottle Safe?

Another important concern about the safety of drinking water is the bottling. Before 2015, Kroger purified drinking water was packaged in plastic bottles that contained BPA. This leads to excessive BPA exposure and can cause cardiovascular diseases, liver cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

And when these bottles are kept at high temperatures, the risk of BPA leaching increases. Check temperature influences the quality of Bisphenol A or BPA.

Is the Kroger Purified Drinking Water Bottle Safe

But Kroger started using PET #1 bottle that doesn’t have BPA. This is also mentioned on the label. You will see the BPA-free or Non-BPA marking on the Kroger water bottle. As a result, Kroger purified drinking water is safer than before.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are answers to some additional questions about Kroger’s purified drinking water. Check them out.

Q: Where is Kroger water bottled?

Kroger gets water from different suppliers. For example, Niagara Water in Ontario, CA, is one of the biggest suppliers of Kroger. It has treatment and bottling plants in many places.

Q: Is Kroger water the same as tap water?

Kroger may collect municipal water and purify it more before bottling it. But tap water is also purified enough to be safe. Even if they aren’t the same, you can interchange these options.

Final Thoughts

In our busy lives, we often depend on bottled water, especially when outside. But many of us have concerns about the safety of bottled water. As Kroger is a highly popular brand of bottled water, many consumers ask, is Kroger purified drinking water safe?

Considering the water sources, purification process, chlorine level, pH level, and bottle material, Kroger purified drinking water can be marked as safe. It comes in PET #1 bottle that is BPA-free, so you can drink Kroger bottled water without any issues. 

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