Jersey Mikes Breakfast Menu: Jumpstart Your Day!

Jersey Mike’s does not offer a specific breakfast menu. Their regular menu, focusing on subs and sandwiches, is available all day.

Jersey Mike’s, a renowned sub sandwich destination, satisfies hunger with a delectable array of American classics. Specializing in fresh, made-to-order subs, the chain doesn’t set apart breakfast options, yet serves its full menu throughout their business hours. Built on freshness and quality, the brand’s appeal hinges on slicing meats and cheeses right in front of customers, ensuring a fresh bite every time.

Whether you crave an early morning sub or a late-night snack, their doors are open to offer hearty, stacked subs that resonate with fans nationwide. Indulge in their signature Jersey-style subs any time, perfect for breakfast aficionados who prefer a non-traditional morning meal.

Jersey Mike’s Morning Delights

Jersey Mike’s Morning Delights shine with their breakfast menu. Fresh ingredients make each bite a joy. Customers love the unique tastes of their morning offerings. Eggs, cheese, and premium meats are staples in their warm breakfast subs.

The Hot Subs menu boosts energy levels for the day. Savor steak and egg sandwiches, or choose a classic bacon, egg, and cheese. Each one is filled with flavor and made to order. For those in a rush, quick and easy to-go options are available.

Sub Name Ingredients
Steak & Egg Tender steak, fresh eggs, melted cheese
Bacon & Egg Crispy bacon, fluffy eggs, smooth cheese
Jersey Mikes Breakfast Menu: Jumpstart Your Day!

Fresh Ingredients, Energetic Mornings

Jersey Mike’s Breakfast Menu champions a commitment to freshness. Its offerings burst with flavors from locally-sourced produce. Guests enjoy crisp vegetables and sunny-side up eggs every morning.

The menu prides itself on quality meats and premium cheeses. Each sandwich is a powerhouse of protein. They provide the perfect fuel to kickstart the day. Savoring these tasty delights promises an energetic morning.

Catering To All Morning Routines

For those in a hurry, Jersey Mikes offers a variety of quick breakfast choices. Grab a freshly-made breakfast sandwich or a protein-packed wrap to fuel your busy morning. Each option is crafted for easy eating on the move.

If time is on your side, sit down for a leisurely breakfast experience. Savor the deluxe subs or warm bagels paired with a selection of garden-fresh toppings. Enjoy your meal in a relaxed setting before taking on your day.

Jersey Mikes Breakfast Menu: Jumpstart Your Day!

Nutritional Value For The Health-conscious

Jersey Mike’s Breakfast Menu offers options that suit health-conscious diners. Calorie counts and macronutrient balances are important. Most breakfast items vary in calories from 300 to 600. Key macros such as protein, carbs, and fats are carefully considered. This ensures a rich taste without compromising wellness goals.

Fans of healthy eating find delight in the menu’s variety. Items like the Egg White Sandwich keep fitness enthusiasts in check. Wholesome ingredients mingle to create satisfying flavors.

Menu Item Calories Protein (g) Carbs (g) Fats (g)
Egg White Sandwich 450 30 40 10
Turkey Wrap 350 25 30 8

Each meal provides energy and tastes great. You maintain your diet and enjoy every bite. Jersey Mike’s understands the need for balance on your plate.

Beverages And Sides To Compliment Your Meal

Your Jersey Mike’s breakfast isn’t complete without the perfect beverage. A wide selection of drinks is available to quench your thirst. Choose from freshly brewed coffee, orange juice, or milk to kick-start your day. Opt for coffee to warm up your morning or orange juice for a vitamin C boost.

Don’t forget about the tasty sides! They make your meal even more enjoyable. Crisp apple slices, yogurt, and delicious baked goodies pair perfectly with your breakfast sandwich. Yogurt offers a creamy texture and apple slices bring a fresh crunch to your meal. The sides are sure to add delight to your Jersey Mike’s experience.

Jersey Mikes Breakfast Menu: Jumpstart Your Day!

Exclusive Offers And Loyalty Perks

Jersey Mike’s rewards you for enjoying their breakfast menu. By joining the MyMike’s program, each purchase brings you closer to free food. Savor a delicious breakfast sub and watch your points grow. Kids can collect stamps too, turning every morning meal into fun!

Start your day with exclusive morning deals. Active early birds save on signature items. Fill up with fresh ingredients and kickstart your morning routine.

Egg & Cheese $4.50
Steak & Egg $5.00
Bacon & Egg $4.75

Frequently Asked Questions For Jersey Mikes Breakfast Menu

Does Jersey Mike’s Bread Have Eggs?

Jersey Mike’s bread does not contain eggs, offering a suitable option for those with egg allergies or dietary restrictions. Their ingredient list is available for review in-store or online.

How Many Calories Are In A Jersey Mike’s Breakfast Sandwich?

The calorie content in a Jersey Mike’s breakfast sandwich varies but averages around 690 calories per sandwich. Always check their menu or nutritional information for specific options.

What Is Jersey Mike’s Secret Menu 99?

Jersey Mike’s Secret Menu 99 includes a Philly cheesesteak sandwich with chipotle mayo. It combines steak, peppers, onions, and melted cheese for a flavorful twist.

Is Jersey Mike’s Better Than Subway?

Determining whether Jersey Mike’s is better than Subway depends on individual tastes and preferences. Customers often cite Jersey Mike’s for fresher ingredients and custom-made subs, while Subway offers more locations and familiar flavors.


As the sun rises, Jersey Mike’s breakfast menu stands ready to fuel your day. With a range of hearty subs and fresh ingredients, your morning starts right. Satisfy your hunger with their signature tastes and embrace the energy needed for your daily hustle.

Don’t miss out—start tomorrow with Jersey Mike’s and taste the difference!



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