What Time Does Del Taco Open? Morning Cravings Unlocked!

Del Taco typically opens at 7:00 AM, but hours can vary by location. Confirm with your local Del Taco for precise opening times.

Del Taco, a popular American fast-food chain, serves up a fusion of Mexican and American dishes catering to those craving tacos, burritos, and more at nearly 600 locations. Starting your day with Del Taco’s breakfast menu or satisfying midday hunger pangs becomes a breeze with most outlets welcoming customers from early morning.

As opening hours might differ, it’s always best to check the specific times for your nearest restaurant. The brand’s commitment to quality, affordability, and convenience has made it a go-to spot for quick, delicious meals. Remember to peek at their seasonal specials and varied menu options, which keep the dining experience fresh and exciting for repeat visits.

Del Taco’s Dawn: Satisfying Early Appetites

Del Taco greets the day with open doors mostly at 7 AM. Sometimes, 24-hour locations serve customers all day and night. A table showing typical hours for clarity:

Day Opening Time
Monday 7 AM
Tuesday 7 AM
Wednesday 7 AM
Thursday 7 AM
Friday 7 AM
Saturday 7 AM
Sunday 7 AM

Some spots may open earlier, especially on weekends. For a morning feast or a quick bite, Del Taco has you covered. Check your local restaurant to be sure.

What Time Does Del Taco Open? Morning Cravings Unlocked!

Before The Sun: Del Taco’s Breakfast Offerings

Del Taco greets the day with a tasty breakfast menu. Egg and cheese burritos join forces with crispy bacon or juicy sausage. For those who love a kick in the morning, spicy chorizo options are available. Del Taco ensures your day starts with quality and flavor.

Real cheddar cheese, freshly-grilled eggs, and handmade salsa create a party in your mouth. Don’t forget the hash brown sticks – golden and crunchy! Each bite promises a blast of zest and texture.

Location Variations: When To Get Your Fix

Del Taco opening hours may vary based on location. To determine the opening time for your local Del Taco, it’s important to consider the region. Most locations open by 7 AM, but some open earlier. In urban areas, early bird services may start by 6 AM. Rural locations might begin a bit later.

The best way to find the exact opening time of your nearest Del Taco is by using the official store locator. Simply enter your zip code or city name to get the precise hours of operation. This information helps you plan your visit for a fresh taco fix.

What Time Does Del Taco Open? Morning Cravings Unlocked!

Breaking The Fast: Customer Favorites

Del Taco serves up deliciousness early! Most locations open at 7 AM. Fans adore their breakfast menu, filled with tasty treats to kickstart your morning.

Epic Scrambler Burritos and Breakfast Tacos are top picks. People love the flavor and generous portions. For those preferring lighter fare, oatmeal with fresh fruit is a hit. It’s both nourishing and energizing.

Eating healthy? Choose options like the Egg & Cheese Breakfast Wrap. It has lean protein and tasty veggies. Grab ‘n Go options make mornings breezy and bright.

Perks And Promotions: Early Bird Deals

Del Taco welcomes customers with enticing early bird deals. These special offers cater to morning visitors, providing a unique value that isn’t available later in the day. Key to these promotions is their limited-time nature, urging customers to grab the deal before it ends.

Rewards for early risers include discounts on popular menu items and sometimes, exclusive dishes. Patrons who arrive early benefit from fresh choices and smaller crowds. Very often, these early promotions align with new menu launches, giving early visitors the chance to be among the first to try new flavors.

Insider Tips: Making The Most Of Your Morning Visit

Del Taco typically opens early in the morning. The best time to visit is during off-peak hours. Aim for mid-morning weekdays to avoid long lines. You’ll get your food quick and fresh.

Want to try something new and exciting? Ask for secret menu items. Not all staff may know, so be patient and kind. The secret menu can offer unique flavors and combinations.

What Time Does Del Taco Open? Morning Cravings Unlocked!

Frequently Asked Questions On What Time Does Del Taco Open

Who Bought Out Del Taco?

Jack in the Box Inc. acquired Del Taco Restaurants Inc. in a transaction completed in March 2022.

What Happened To Del Taco In Texas?

Del Taco closed all its locations in Texas due to underperformance and strategic realignment by the parent company.

When Did The First Del Taco Open?

The first Del Taco restaurant opened in 1964 in Yermo, California.

What Is Del Taco Secret Sauce Made Of?

Del Taco’s secret sauce includes a creamy blend of soybean oil, vinegar, egg yolk, and a mix of spices for its unique flavor.


Wrapping up, knowing Del Taco’s opening hours sets you up for a tasty start to your day. Most locations welcome early birds at 7 AM. Still, it’s smart to check your local spot, as times can vary. Satisfy that taco craving when the doors open and enjoy!


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