What Time Does Kneaders Open? Unveil the Schedule!

Kneaders Bakery & Cafe typically opens at 7:00 AM. Closing hours may vary by location.

Start your day with the delightful aromas of freshly baked artisan bread and pastries at Kneaders Bakery & Cafe. Renowned for their delectable breakfast menu and scrumptious sandwiches, this quaint bakery is the go-to spot for early risers seeking a cozy breakfast nook or a quick sandwich on the go.

With a menu boasting homemade soups, salads, and decadent desserts, Kneaders promises a culinary experience that starts with the first light of day. Before planning your visit, remember to check the specific hours of your local Kneaders, as they can differ based on the day and location. Enjoy a wholesome and satisfying start to your day with Kneaders’ welcoming atmosphere and mouthwatering offerings.

Unveiling Kneaders’ Operating Hours

Kneaders opens early for breakfast enthusiasts. Their doors welcome patrons as early as 7 AM on weekdays. Saturdays start at 8 AM, perfect for weekend early birds. Sundays are an exception, with Kneaders taking a pause for staff to rest.

Seeking lunch or dinner? The afternoon buzz begins at 11 AM. Prime time delights span until closing, which occurs at 10 PM from Monday to Saturday. Note that Kneaders shuts earlier at 8 PM on weekdays, giving you ample time to enjoy their offerings.

What Time Does Kneaders Open? Unveil the Schedule!

Weekdays Vs. Weekends: Know The Difference

Kneaders opens its doors bright and early Monday through Friday. This helps you get your day started with a delicious breakfast or a fresh-baked treat. The bakery welcomes customers from 7 AM, ideal for early risers!

Saturday shifts into higher gear, catering to weekend vibes. Kneaders extends its hours, allowing you more time to enjoy their specialties. Whether you’re an early bird or a late riser, you can pop in between 7 AM and 10 PM.

Sundays are marked closed: a quiet day for Kneaders. Employees and ovens take a well-deserved break. Make sure to plan your visit around these days to avoid missing out on their delectable offerings!

Seasonal Adjustments To Kneaders’ Schedule

Kneaders adjusts their hours with the seasons. Remember, times could change for holidays. Always check first.

Holiday Hours Summer Winter
Sometimes open late or close early. Open longer, perfect for summer treats! May open late or close early. Stay cozy!

For Christmas Eve, Kneaders often closes early. Kids can meet Santa before he’s busy!

On New Year’s Day, doors might open later – workers need sleep too!

Easter brings special hours, perhaps a brunch. Treat the family on this spring day!

Plan Ahead: Special Occasions And Events

Planning a party at Kneaders? Book early for group events and gatherings. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a work event, or a family get-together, making arrangements in advance ensures your special occasion runs smoothly. Remember, for unique events, Kneaders may have adjusted hours that can impact your plans. Check the calendar on their website or call your local Kneaders to confirm available times. Planning helps avoid any last-minute hiccups for your group’s big day.

Keep an eye on the holiday season, as timings often shift to accommodate the festive rush. Knowing Kneaders’ opening hours can make or break your event’s success. Make sure everyone marks their calendars with the updated schedule to enjoy delicious pastries and sandwiches without haste.

Tips For Your Visit To Kneaders

To beat the rush at Kneaders, consider visiting during non-peak hours. Early mornings on weekdays often mean shorter lines and a quieter atmosphere. Lunchtimes, especially from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM, typically see the largest crowds. Planning your visit outside these times can enhance your experience.

Want Kneaders without the wait? They offer convenient takeout and delivery options. Use their app or website to place orders from the comfort of home. This way, you can enjoy your favorites with ease and convenience.

What Time Does Kneaders Open? Unveil the Schedule!

Frequently Asked Questions For What Time Does Kneaders Open

Is Kneaders Bakery Mormon Owned?

Yes, Kneaders Bakery is Mormon owned. Gary and Colleen Worthington founded the brand in Orem, Utah, a state with a large Mormon community.

What Is Kneaders Most Popular Item?

Kneaders Bakery & Cafe’s most popular item is their Chunky Cinnamon French Toast. This dish has gained a loyal following for its delicious, sweet taste and satisfying texture.

Who Owns Kneaders Bakery?

Kneaders Bakery is owned by Gary and Colleen Worthington, who founded the company in 1997.

When Did Kneaders First Open?

Kneaders Bakery & Cafe first opened its doors in 1997 in Orem, Utah.


Understanding Kneaders’ opening hours is essential for planning your visit. With varied schedules, checking online or calling ahead ensures you won’t face closed doors. So, set your alarm for that early pastry or plan a leisurely brunch—Kneaders awaits with open doors and fresh offerings!


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