What Time Does Panera Start Selling Lunch? Find Out Now!

Panera Bread typically starts selling lunch at 10:30 AM. Many locations adhere to this time, yet it can vary by region.

Panera Bread, a popular chain known for its fresh ingredients and cozy atmosphere, transitions from its breakfast to lunch menu around mid-morning. The exact time may differ slightly depending on the specific store location and day of the week. Customers can enjoy a variety of lunch options, including soups, salads, sandwiches, and more.

Whether you’re on a lunch break or looking for a midday meal, Panera offers a range of choices to satisfy your hunger with a focus on healthy and flavorful ingredients. Their diverse menu caters to a wide array of dietary preferences, making it a go-to spot for lunchtime crowds. Remember to check with your local Panera Bread for the most accurate lunchtime hours.

Early Birds At Panera

Panera switches from breakfast to lunch at 10:30 AM on weekdays. On weekends, this change happens at 11:00 AM. Guests eager to enjoy lunch options can visit any time after these hours. Be sure to check your local Panera for any variations.

What Time Does Panera Start Selling Lunch? Find Out Now!

Lunch Hours Unveiled

Curious about Panera’s lunch hours? The wait is over! Starting at 10:30 AM, you can indulge in their savory lunch menu. This timing holds true from Monday to Friday, perfect for an early lunch break.

Weekends bring a slight shift. Saturday and Sunday still promise the same delicious options, but lunch begins a tad later. Expect to start your weekend feast at 11:00 AM. So, plan accordingly for your leisurely brunch or lunch outings!

Day Lunch Start Time
Monday – Friday 10:30 AM
Saturday – Sunday 11:00 AM

Menu Preview

Panera Bread’s lunch menu kicks off at 10:30 AM daily. Guests can savor signature lunch items including the Sierra Turkey Sandwich and the Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt. Vegetarians can opt for the Modern Greek Salad with Quinoa or the Vegetarian Autumn Squash Soup.

Seasonal specials are a highlight, reflecting fresh, seasonal ingredients. The Summer Corn Chowder is a warm-weather favorite. Autumn brings the Roasted Turkey & Cranberry Panini. Each dish is crafted to capture the flavors of the season.

What Time Does Panera Start Selling Lunch? Find Out Now!

Behind The Scenes

Panera begins its lunch service after breakfast hours. Preparation starts early. Chefs work diligently to transition the kitchen. Fresh produce and ingredients arrive daily.

Staff meticulously organize the ingredients. The focus is on freshness and quality. Salads, sandwiches, and soups require prep. Bread is baked to perfection.

Each menu item gets special attention. Chefs ensure a smooth shift to lunch offerings. Guests expect delicious meals made with care. Panera takes pride in serving wholesome lunches every day.

Customizing Your Midday Meal

Panera Bread offers a variety of lunch options starting at 10:30 AM. Guests can enjoy a range of sandwiches, salads, and soups. The Pick Two Combo is a popular choice. This option allows customers to choose any two of the following: half a sandwich, a cup of soup, or half a salad. This mix-and-match approach caters to various appetites and taste preferences.

For those with specific dietary needs, Panera accommodates with gluten-sensitive and vegetarian options. Nutritional information is readily available to help guests make informed choices. Remember, lunch items can be customized to meet your dietary requirements.

Online Ordering And App Features

Online ordering simplifies mealtime with Panera’s user-friendly app. Order ahead to bypass queues, a perfect time-saver for busy days. Panera’s app provides an effortless experience, allowing users to customize their lunch orders with ease.

Rewards and exclusive deals are available through the app, offering loyal customers discounts and personalized offers. These features enhance the dining experience, giving patrons more reasons to enjoy their favorite dishes.

Catering For Groups

Panera Bread offers a variety of lunchtime catering options suitable for groups. Whether you’re organizing a meeting or hosting a social event, their menu includes freshly baked goods, hearty sandwiches, and crisp salads. To ensure a smooth experience, here’s how to place a large order:

  • Select your desired items from the catering menu.
  • Estimate the headcount to determine the quantity of food needed.
  • Call your local Panera Bread or place an order online in advance.
  • Specify the pick-up time or arrange for delivery if available.

Remember, for large orders, advance notice helps Panera prepare and deliver quality service. Enjoy a hassle-free lunch with Panera’s delicious and convenient catering options.

What Time Does Panera Start Selling Lunch? Find Out Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does Panera Sell Mac And Cheese In The Morning?

Panera serves mac and cheese all day, starting from when they open in the morning. Opening times may vary by location.

Does Panera Serve Oatmeal All Day?

Yes, Panera Bread offers oatmeal on their menu throughout the day.

What Soups Does Panera Have?

Panera Bread offers a variety of soups, including Broccoli Cheddar, Chicken Noodle, Creamy Tomato, and Vegetarian Autumn Squash. Their menu rotates seasonally, so check for current options.

What Time Does Panera Bread Start Serving Lunch?

Panera Bread typically starts serving lunch at 10:30 AM. This timing can vary slightly depending on the specific location, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local Panera Bread for the most accurate information.


Wrapping up, knowing the lunch hours at Panera can elevate your dining experience. Whether you’re planning a midday meeting or craving your favorite soup and sandwich combo, Panera’s lunch menu is ready to serve from 10:30 AM onwards. Remember, fresh and flavorful options await to satisfy your noon-time hunger every day.

Don’t miss out on their delicious offerings; mark your clocks for Panera lunchtime!


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