What Time Does Shoney’s Lunch Buffet Start?: Quick Guide

Shoney’s lunch buffet typically starts at 11:00 AM. Check with your local Shoney’s as times may vary by location.

Shoney’s, a well-known American family-friendly restaurant chain, offers an enticing lunch buffet sure to satisfy any cravings. Known for its variety and southern charm, the buffet includes a mix of comfort foods, fresh salads, and dessert options. Diners appreciate the casual atmosphere and the plethora of choices that cater to every palate.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty meal or something light, Shoney’s lunch buffet is designed to suit everyone from families to solo diners. Remember to confirm the buffet hours before visiting, as they might change based on the day or location, ensuring you can dive right into the extensive selection of dishes that Shoney’s is famous for.

What Time Does Shoney's Lunch Buffet Start?: Quick Guide

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Introduction To Shoney’s Dining Experience

Shoney’s lunch buffet kicks off midday, offering a variety of dishes to satiate your hunger. Patrons eagerly anticipate the start time, typically around 11 am.

The buffet boasts mouth-watering options ranging from southern classics to seasonal delights. Guests enjoy the freedom to craft custom plates filled with their favorites. A kid-friendly selection ensures little ones are not left out.

Feature Description
Diversity of Dishes A broad selection caters to all tastes.
Freshness Ingredients are chosen for their peak quality.
Unlimited Servings Guests can fill their plates as many times as they wish.

Shoney’s Lunch Buffet Timings

Shoney’s lunch buffet starts at 11 AM daily. This time is perfect for early lunch-goers. It serves a wide array of dishes until 2 PM. Guests enjoy a hearty meal within these hours. But, the buffet hours can change.

Certain Shoney’s locations might adjust their times. Some might open earlier or close later. It is best to check with your local Shoney’s. They will give the exact lunch buffet start and end times. This ensures you don’t miss out on their delicious offerings.

Location Buffet Start Buffet End
Standard Shoney’s 11 AM 2 PM
Varied Locations Check locally Check locally

Before You Go: Preparing For The Buffet

Shoney’s lunch buffet has various start times, depending on the location. It’s essential to check the local Shoney’s restaurant for the exact time. You can find this info on their website or by calling directly.

The menu offers a wide range of dishes that cater to different tastes. Guests can enjoy salads, souvenirs, main courses, and desserts. Each buffet may differ, so visit your local Shoney’s website for specifics.

What Time Does Shoney's Lunch Buffet Start?: Quick Guide

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Making The Most Of Your Visit

To enjoy Shoney’s buffet to the fullest, arrive early. This way, you can savor the freshest dishes. Remember to pace yourself and try small portions first. This strategy lets you taste more flavors without filling up too fast. Don’t miss visiting the salad bar; it offers a variety of fresh options.

  • Hand-breaded fried chicken – a crowd favorite
  • Meatloaf – a classic comfort food
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy – pairs well with entrees
  • Cobb Salad – for those preferring lighter fare
  • Peach Cobbler – a must-try dessert

Beyond The Buffet: Other Shoney’s Offerings

Shoney’s isn’t only about their lunch buffet; their menu spans various options. Guests can choose from a full-service menu filled with classic dishes. Whether it’s the start of the day or evening, diverse breakfast and dinner services are available. Patrons savor omelets and fresh pancakes during morning hours. Nights at Shoney’s feature hearty steaks and seafood selections.

These options cater to those preferring a traditional dining experience. The variety ensures that everyone finds a meal to love. Shoney’s takes pride in offering quality options beyond the buffet. This family-friendly eatery provides a cozy atmosphere, fit for all ages. The full-service menu resonates with guests looking for cooked-to-order meals. So, next time you visit, remember that Shoney’s has more to offer than just their renowned buffet.


What Time Does Shoney's Lunch Buffet Start?: Quick Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions On What Time Does Shoney’s Lunch Buffet Start

Are Shoney’s And Big Boy The Same?

Shoney’s and Big Boy were originally part of the same company but are now separate entities. They operate independently with distinct branding and menus.

Who Owns Shoney’s?

Shoney’s is owned by Best American Hospitality Corp. The company acquired the restaurant chain in 2007, overseeing its operations since then.

What States Have Shoney’s?

Shoney’s restaurants are predominantly found in the southern and eastern United States. Their presence spans several states, including Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

What Is The Slogan Of Shoney’s?

Shoney’s slogan is “Let’s Eat!” Which emphasizes a welcoming invitation to dine at their establishments.


To wrap up, the Shoney’s lunch buffet offers an array of delicious options starting midday. For those eager to indulge in their wide selection, confirming the local restaurant’s hours is key. Remember, early visits ensure a fresh experience. Enjoy your meal!

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