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Why is VOSS Water So Expensive? 8 Key Reasons Behind Their Price Tag

VOSS Water rules in the hearts of many elite people and celebrities. Anyone who has tasted their water will praise their water quality, premium packaging, and taste. However, it often raises eyebrows with its higher price than other bottled water brands.

But why is VOSS Water so expensive? VOSS Water is a Norwegian company that collects water from underground using a specialized process. Then, they run the water through many advanced testing processes to make their water clean, pure, and healthy.

These steps increase the price of VOSS Water. But there are some other factors too that add up to their overall costs. Read along to find out more details.

Why is VOSS Water So Expensive and Where Does It Come From?

VOSS Water was first founded in 1998 and offers spring water. This spring source is located in Vossevangen, Southern Norway. They use an artesian well extraction method to fetch the water. This water is being distributed internationally in up to 60 countries around the world. 

VOSS water passes through at least 20 layers of granule filtration rocks to ensure the peak purity level and low mineral content.

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8 Reasons Behind Why VOSS Water is So Expensive

From water collection to water packaging, each process fuels the price of VOSS Water. Below is a comprehensive detail of the reasons behind the high cost of VOSS water:

1. Deep Well Water

Unlike other water brands, VOSS Water brand collects water from an underground aquifer, which requires deep well drilling. 

Excavation deep into the ground needs professionals hand in hand with leading-edge technologies. Therefore, the price of VOSS Water increases with the contribution of advanced requirements.

8 Reasons Behind Why VOSS Water is So Expensive

2. Multiple Treatments to Ensure Purity and Standard

To ensure the quality and purity of their water, VOSS Water uses triple distilled treatment. Moreover, they use volcanic rock aquifers for the natural filtration process.

VOSS Water also implies a microfiltration process to ensure the highest quality of the water. The microfiltration treatment removes residual impurities from the water and makes the water healthier than other brands. 

As a result, the water purification process needs additional effort, time, resources, and more professionals. And these processes contribute to the overall price of the water.

3. Packaging and Packaging Process

The bottle of VOSS Water is different yet premium compared to other brands. During packaging, they use advanced machines to keep the water untouched by hand.

This way ensures the top-quality hygiene of their water. Moreover, they use glass containers as the packaging of the water, whereas most popular brands use plastic bottles.

Consequently, their water packaging process and bottles are costly and time-consuming. Thus, VOSS Water comes with a premium price tag.

4. Preserving Water Quality and Taste

VOSS Water requires maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the production and storage process. Preserving the quality and taste of water requires special equipment and facilities to ensure it stays at its optimum temperature. 

Maintaining a controlled temperature environment contributes to the overall cost of VOSS water production.

Not only that, but VOSS Water also coats its water with nitrogen gas to ensure that the water’s freshness and taste remain clean and pure. All these processes increase the price of VOSS Water.

Preserving Water Quality and Taste

5. Brand Prestige and Reputation

VOSS Water has a high price because of its brand prestige and reputation. Over the years, VOSS Water has established itself as a luxury brand associated with quality and sophistication. The brand’s commitment to delivering a premium product has created a loyal following among consumers.

In addition, the taste and purity of the water have created VOSS Water as a trustworthy and superior brand in the bottled water market.

6. Marketing target

VOSS Water’s main customer target is people who prioritize product quality over prices, such as luxury and elite customer markets. Therefore, satisfied consumers prefer to purchase the product from their trustworthy brand despite the high price.

7. Direct Connection with The Norwegian

A significant feature of VOSS Water’s reputation and identity is its direct connection with the Norwegian. The area where they collect their spring water is known for its untouched natural landscape and pristine reservoirs.

The Norwegian origin adds a sense of purity and authenticity to the brand. VOSS Water often highlights the Norwegian connection in its marketing campaigns, emphasizing the natural beauty and purity of the source.

Consequently, they can easily contrast their quality with other water bottle brands. And this contributes to the premium price of VOSS Water.

8. Transportation to the International Market

VOSS Water is manufactured in Norway; then they supply the water bottles internationally. Besides the entire manufacturing process, the shipping cost of the bottles also adds up to the overall price of VOSS Water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people often ask regarding VOSS water and its price.

Q: What is the price of VOSS Water?

Generally, a 500ml water bottle from VOSS costs around $5 in retail shops. The higher the quantity of the water, the more expensive VOSS Water is.

Q: Does VOSS Water taste different compared to other bottled waters?

Due to the low mineral content, VOSS Water has a soft, faintly sweet taste described as clean and smooth with no aftertaste.

Q: Is VOSS Water the healthiest water, and does it offer any additional health benefits?

Yes, VOSS Water conducts a rigorous test to make its water the healthiest and purest on the market. Their water facilitates hydration. However, they don’t claim to provide any additional health benefits.


So, you now know the answer to why VOSS Water is so expensive. The water fetching process from the ground, meticulous testing processes, and packaging make their water premium quality and costly in the water bottle market.

However, some people may argue that VOSS water is just like tap water, while others may say that the taste and cleanliness of the water are worth it. But the overall design and price can often make people feel fancy about VOSS water.

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